Spray Pave Australia

Concrete treatments and repairs. 6 main services plus many minor services.

You will see concrete everywhere, inside, outside. Homes, schools, shopping centres, churches, clubs. Domestic or commercial. Private or Government. All that concrete can have problems, such as being slippery, dirty, drab or even breaking up. All that concrete can also be a great place for advertising or other logos, so you can offer your customers a range of treatment options. The work is light physical, easier than mowing lawns. Most operators start as a one or two person business, then have the choice to expand and employ staff, open a retail shop or just stay small and enjoy the work/life balance. Locations Available: Anywhere in the country with concrete. Smaller regions of less than 10,000 population might require more driving. Plenty of work in all cities and larger regions.

Concrete treatments and repairs. 6 main services plus many minor services.
Business Established
Units / Locations
FCA Member
Multi-Unit Ownership Allowed
Agreement Terms
Forever, no more fees
Royalty Fee
Average Set up Time
1-2 Weeks
Ratio of Support Staff per Franchisee
1 to 1

Initial Investment

$37,500 + Equipment or easy payment plan


3 Days Head Office. 2 Days on site. Lifetime support.

Marketing Support



Numerous media articles

Business Model

When you research a Franchise system, you will discover the many fees and charges, plus lots of rules and restrictions. That's why we changed to a License system in 2006. We still offer all the great benefits of an established name, logos, experience, history, working on your own, but not being on your own, full application and administration support etc. However the biggest difference is that you have full control over all aspects of your business. You honestly work:- When, where, how and if you like and keep all the profits. Isn't that what a real independent business should offer?

Main Cost

Business, Equipment

Main Products or Services

Spray paving, Polishing, Epoxy

Future Plans

It has always been about keeping the customer happy. The early years since 1991 saw the most changes of developing the services for the customers. Late 1990's saw the start of our Franchise system, the new customers being the Franchisees. We had all the usual rules, restrictions and fees etc. This all had to change, so in 2006 our current License system was launched. Our Licenses loved having all the great benefits without all the fees and other B.S. We now have 3 business guarantees, Easy payment plan. Even a boat trip at training. It just keeps getting better!


"After only 3 months I have turned over $35,000 with another $15,000 worth of jobs booked with deposits for the next 2 weeks, so $50,000 in 4 months starting from scratch, and most of that is profit and you don’t have to work 7 days a week. I recently had my folks visit up from Newcastle where I had 10 days off.
Lifestyle and a great income! Plus the work isn’t really that hard; I’ve just cracked the 50yr mark and for most of my working life I have been a pen pusher and like a lot of people put on a few extra kilos."
Ray Luckner